Real Men Eat Cupcakes Too!

2014-04-14 18.03.01

What with Father’s Day fast approaching (June 15th) I thought what better way to pay homage to dads of all shapes, sizes and ages than to bring out a range of flavours in true Mr. Mom’s seasonal style! “Real Men Eat Cupcakes Too” isn’t just about dads though. It’s also about showing a different side to cupcakes using flavours that otherwise might be deemed too harsh or unexpected for cupcakes. Flavours including beer, bacon and pretzels all lend themselves to my latest batch and create a surprisingly different box of treats for the man in your life. Guess you could say I’m “Butching up my Bake”!

So whether it’s after dinner or in front of the game these tasty morsels are sure to be a winner! Have a look at my “Flavours” page to see this season’s special flavours and if you’re interested in ordering please feel free to drop me a line here at the kitchen.

2014-04-12 09.46.15

Real Men Eat Cupcakes Too



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