Red Tape Brewery

One of the things I love about Toronto is the beer. I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill. off-the-self mass produced varieties. Often what they lack in character they make up for in import duties. Toronto has an extensive and wide craft beer seen that just begs to be explored (most of all in the balmy Ontario Summer months!). I had the absolute pleasure and honour of working with Sean and Sarabeth Holden of Red Tape Brewery.

An Indigenous owned business Red Tape Brewery is if nothing else a champion of the people. Originally set up during the pandemic (what else does one?) as a way to bridge social divides created as a result of a virus ridden world, their innovative bespoke beer crafting service has gone from strength to strength. Not to mention seeing an increase in family size! The rolling range of beers available are made up of a mix of bespoke client requests and flavors inspired by Sarabeth’s Inuit heritage. You can read more about Red Tape Brewery here

An introduction from a mutual friend (who says six degrees of separation was a myth!) lead to being a participant in a wonderful program they ran in 2021 in relation to Pride. Red Tape Brewery worked with members of the LGBTQ2S+ community to create a range of beers and ales representing their favorite aspects of the Pride season. Ranging from IPAS to lagers to Sours it was a true rainbow of flavors perfect for Pride with something for everyone. Portions of sales proceeds were also donated to a local Toronto LGBTQ2S+ charity project. In a time where companies often jump on the rainbow-washing bandwagon, void of any kind of meaningful endorsement, Red Tape Brewery’s Pride Beer project was a prime example of successful and relevant grassroots engagement with the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Cherry is a top flavor for me- in anything. This was the perfect springboard for my collaboration with Red Tape Brewery. They were able to weave their “hoppy magic” and create a refreshingly tart Sour beer “Beary Cherry”. Perfect for patio drinking at the height of the Pride sun, this sour beer carries enough tartness to keep it refreshing with enough fruity cherriness to set it apart from the rest without pushing it in to the oft cloying candyland of other fruit beers.