Pavlova and Cream

One of the many talented people I have net via Twitter is the wonderful Majella O’Connell of Pavlova & Cream Food Photography. We bonded over a mutual appreciation of all things baked and bearded. You can read, and indeed see, more of her work here.

Pavlova and Cream

Below are some images from our collaborations so far.

Please note: On viewing these images Mr. Mom’s accepts no responsibility for any damage to computer hardware due to possible drooling, salivating or random biting of said computer hardware. This is some serious FOOD PORN!


The inspiration for this cake came from the Chris Hemsworth movie “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”. I wanted to create something that was evocative of the fairytale world setting, but had hints of danger and sensuality. For me you can’t get a more sensual cake than Red Velvet and with a black cherry filling the indulgence stakes are upped. I instantly knew I wanted to use chocolate work in various forms to conjure up images of the leather and armour, and isomalt shards hint at the “icy” aspects of the movie. The forest berries of course paying homage to the wild aspect of the subject matter.

My take on the classic Red Velvet cake. Red Velvet sponge; cream cheese frosting; freeze-dried strawberries; red wine syrup and white chocolate collar & lattice. Meet the “Southern Belle Red”.

Pumpkin sponge filled with butterscotch buttercream & caramel sauce, with chai spiced cream cheese frosting, finished with Reese’s pieces and chocolate “cobweb” filigree.

Mincepie poinsettia. Cinnamon dusted filo cases filled with home-made mincemeat of fig, port, ginger and so much more! Christmas textures and smells galore!

The rise of the gingerbread men! Red Velvet & gingerbread cake with ginger-spiced cream cheese frosting and filling, topped with gingerbread crumb.

“Three Kings Tree” cake. Christmas Cake flavoured curd filled chocolate sponge with chocolate fudge frosting and gingerbread trees, topped with gold gilded chocolate buttercream and chocolate shavings.

“Chocolate Junkyard” cake. Chocolate sponge filled with chocolate fudge icing, finished with chocolate buttercream, topped with chocolate ganache, Oreos, choc fingers, chocolate shortcake, truffles, popping candy and cocoa nibs….Trashy but oh so good!