Hope & Greenwood


I fell in love with Kitty (Hope) and Mark (Greenwood) after watching their debut TV show. Their relaxed and quirky style to working with all thngs sweet was breathe of fresh air in a time of “clean, free-from” media bombardment. Not only did their sweets harken back to a bygone era but also their attitude. They evoked a time in the kitchen that was free from worries about too much sugar, not enough anti-oxidants and 5-a-days (or is it 7 now…9?)

Via the wonderful medium of Twitter I got to work with them on a number of projects where by I became their “baker of choice” for collabortain on client “Thank You” packages. I still chuckle at Kitty’s wonderful reference to me as “Deliciously Fella”. Using my bakes as a vehicle to showcase their confectionary, each bake was besoke crafted around a specific flavour of sweet.

Sadly Kitty and Mark have since parted ways with the sweet company. Hope and Greenwood still exist in name and still sell old fashionably fashionable confectionary.

Below are some images from our collaborations.