Mr. Mom’s Decembeard Bake-over

I’m sure most of you are aware of Movember and the popularity it’s gained over the past few years. Gents sporting all manner of facial moustachification in aid of raising money for charity. Possibly not so many of you will have heard of “Decembeard“. Started in 2011 it works to raise funds and awareness of bowel cancer in tandem with the charity Beating Bowel Cancer. To quote:  “Think Movember’s younger, hairier brother – less Freddie Mercury, more David Beckham“- Iceni Magazine

Decembeard woodgrain
So what has this to do with me, Mr. Mom’s and cupcakes? Well, those of you who follow my Twitter feed (and possibly my personal Facebook page) will have no doubt noticed an abundant hairy growth festooning my face. Yes- I’ve jumped on the current trend for sporting excessive facial hair and am now sporting a beard. ” Hipster”, you say? I say, “Bearded Baker”.  So to me it makes perfect sense that I should support and lend some baking muscle to the Decembeard cause. My recent strapline of “Real men eat cupcakes” seems to fit rather nicely with that of Decembeard’s “Real men grow beards”. A marriage made in hirsuite heaven!

Bearded Baker 1

Over the coming weeks I shall joining in the Decembeard campaign and working with Beating Bowel Cancer in various ways- one of which includes crafting some limited edition cupcakes for the cause. These will be for sale with a protion of ther proceeds going to the charity. More news on these flavours to follow! There’ll be other features too- plenty for the ladies as well as the bearded (and unbearded)gents. All will be revealed as we apporach the month of Decembeard.

You can keep up-to-speed with all the latest developments on my Twitter feed @MrMomUK and my facebook page as well as here on the website. You can also donate via my Just Giving page here.

So which beard are you? Take the Decembeard quiz and find out…

In the meantime, “Remember Mom’s the word- that’s Mr. Mom’s!”


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