#realmeneatcupcakes…Let it grow, let it grow…

Okay, okay…don’t worry I’m not about to quit my fledgling baking career to become a West-End star. I gave up on that idea once puberty had finished with me. No! I am in fact talking (again) about those wonderful guys and gals at Beating Bowel Cancer and their excellent Decembeard campaign. This is not “Movember”. This is full on, manly, lumberjack-esque growing of face bears. And in honour of such an auspicious occasion I’m lending my bearded baking talents to help raise some donations via sales of cupcakes and brownies. 33% of the sales of each purchase of the  Decembeard “Real Men Eat Cupcakes” range go to the charity. So you can treat yourself AND do a good turn at the same time. Decembeard woodgrain You may remember one of my earlier posts mentioning a range of exclusive flavours for the Decembeard cause? Well, it’s with great pleasure (and a certain trepidation) I can now reveal them in there entirety. (Drum Roll please…)


The “Verdi”

(This flavour will be available to order online)

The Verdi cupcake

The Verdi cupcake

Inspired by the beard stylings of the great composer this flavour combines Italian influences to give a truley symphonic taste experience: Espresso coffee sponge; with a baked-in Amaretti biscuit; topped with hazelnut liqueur infused Italian meringue buttercream; and finished with Amaretti biscuit crumb.

The “Van Dyke”

(This flavour will be available to order online)

The Van Dyke cupcake

The Van Dyke cupcake

A cupcake masterpiece inspired by the Flemish painter artist: Belgian beer and chocolate sponge with a chocolate ganache centre, topped with Belgian chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate sprinkles.

The “Darwin”

(The recipe for this cupcake will be available online soon!)

The Darwin cupcake

The Darwin cupcake

Taking quintessentially British flavours and evolving them to the next baking level: West country cider and cinnamon sponge; rhubard conserve centre; topped with scrumpy cider buttercream and crispy Wiltshire bacon.


Roadhouse Brownie

(This flavour will be available to order online)

Roadhouse brownies

Roadhouse brownies

Imagine Rocky Roads tougher; hairer; no-nonsense big brother and you have my Roadhouse brownies. Children of the 80’s might remember the classic Patrick Swayze movie of the same name? Yup- imagine that in brownie form! Chocolate-chip cookie base; chocolate brownie with chocolate chunks; peanuts; popcorn and caramel pieces; topped with a bourbon whiskey glaze. It’s knockout!

Hot to Handle Brownie

(The recipe for this brownie will be available online soon)

Hot to Handle brownie

Hot to Handle brownie

This might seem like your average brownie at first glance but beneath its rich, smooth top lies a smouldering heat. Ladies will want to savour it; guys will want to chomp it! Rich chocolate brownie with crystalized ginger pieces; pecan nuts and chocolate chips, covered with chocolate ganache and topped with a chilli and hazelnut praline.

Head on over to my dedicated Decembeard #realmeneatcupcakes page to find out how to order.


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