OMG! Candy TDF!!!

I recently had the pleasure of coming across the wonderful people at TaffyMail . If you haven’t heard of them and if (like me!) you’re partial to a bit of sweetness, they’re well worth a try.

Taffy Mail Image
For a monthly “subscription” of £14.99 you get a surprise selection (don’t we all love surprises?) of 10-12 American candies and sweets. It’s not just limited to sweets though- some deliveries will include sodas and drinks from across the pond too. That works out at about £1.25 per item of candy which is ALOT cheaper than what I’ve seen them retail for in some of the larger supermarkets. Whether your looking for something familiar or in a more adventurous mood there’s sure to be something here for you.

My recent TaffyMail delivery was their “Festive box”. Inside were “Holiday Season” goodies including Reese’s Peanut tree; Candycane white chocolate Hersey’s kisses; fruit flavored Ike & Mike and “Holiday Punch” selection of Wonka “Nerds” to name but a few. The Nerds were by far the hit for me. Flashbacks from childhood erupting with each sugar-filled mouthful. The combination of Watermelon and Wild Cherry flavours (what they have to do with the festive season I’ll never know?!?) provided mouth-puckeringly goodness made all the better because you know it’s so very wrong but oh so right!

The only let down in my selection was the can of lemon tea that arrived. Called “Arizona” it lacked the slightly tart kick that I love from a fruit iced tea. Instead it had a sacarine laced flavour which left my teeth, disappointing, feeling rather “furry”. All in all a minor flaw in what otherwise was a TranAtlantic box of delights full of giddy nostalgia (for some reason American sweets were widely available in my native Ireland).
Love the idea of “Oooh”-ing and “Aaaah”-ing as you open the box and then giggling like a school kid caught in a sugar-rush? Well head on over to TaffyMail’s website and subscribe. In fact the team there have been so generous as to offer my readers a discount. How’s that for a sweet start to the year!?! Enter the discount code MRMOMS as your coupon code when subscribing and you’ll get the next 3 months for @12.99 instead of the standard subscription of £14.99.


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