On your marks, get set…

So- my first post on here is as I prepare for my first public engagement. As of Wednesday, my cupcakes will have found a home at Mr. Mom’s Kitchen. Essentially a trial run to see how providing a cafe/ coffee shop for local residents would go, it’ll also help in getting the word out there. Will the masses like Mr. Mom’s? Will they come back for more?So far I’ve managed to do all the admin side- menus, flyers, price calculations. Soon it’ll be bake, bake, bake! “The fun stuff” as my partner calls it. it was a bit of a struggle to narrow down flavours but eventually it was done- a hard job but someone had to do it! I have to admit to the usual conflicting feelings you often hear from people in this position. The rush of excitement in getting things finally to fruition and seeing my wares lined up, whilst also being nervous as to whether this will actually go as planned and I’ve thought of everything.

Fingers crossed this will be the start of new and bigger things for Mr. Mom’s. Logistics seem to beĀ  falling into place- just a technical hitch with being able to order on the site and then once that’s solved it should be “away we go!”. So here I sit and type away amid the sounds of snoring cats (bless they’ve had a hard night keeping us awake) and my two children running around and rummaging. Hopefully next time you hear from me it’ll be to hear of how Mr. Mom’s Kitchen was a roaring success, that other dates have been lined up and that orders are flooding in.

In the meantime remember, “Mom’s the word – that’s Mr. Mom’s”.


Mr. Mom


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