Kitchen Debut

Wednesday has come and gone- and I survived! Finally turning off my KitchenAid at 1,30am I decided enough was enough. It was covered in icing sugar, the counter was covered in icing sugar…and I was covered in icing sugar! I shuffled upstairs and set the alarm for 5.30am the next morning. What am I saying?I set it for 5.30am that same morning!

Upon waking though it all seemed worthwhile. The fruits of my labour from the night before were there, ready to receive the final touches. Batches of cupcakes safely housed in carriers, all sitting on the kitchen table- like little anemic Daleks. Nerves were now put on the back-burner as the logistics of what had to be done kicked in. Cupcakes to finish, car to load up, tables to set up and dress , etc etc.

It turns out I needn’t have worried at all. The support from my fellow residents was quite inspiring. They all seemed very happy with the prospect of Mr. Mom’s Kitchen becoming a permanent fixture- some even downright eager! Niceties were exchanged, lattés were flowing, cupcakes were bought. Cupcakes were bought! People were buying MY CUPCAKES! People were paying cold, hard cash for my cupcakes and they liked them! Eat your heart out Peggy Porschen – there’s a new kid in town!


Okay, okay – it wasn’t all grandeur in my debut. It turns out I need to tweak my stock preparation levels. Maybe about 2/3 the amount of stock for next time I think. Yaaaay – that means possibly only an 11pm finish! I have to confess it was interesting, if a little nerdy, to see which flavours seemed to prove popular and which ones not so much. Strawberries & Cream shifted like wildfire, closely followed by Banoffee Pie with the grown-ups; for the kids the Mint-Choc Délice was a hit. Salted Caramel surprised me in being rather stagnant- maybe the days of salty/ sweet combos are over?

Even though there were some cupcakes left over I still feel a sense of pride writing this. People seemed to enjoy what I had done both with the cupcakes and in putting on Mr. Mom’s Kitchen.  It’s given me that little bit of a buzz that I think I needed in order to think “You know what? Maybe I’ve just got something here after all?

In the meantime remember, “Mom’s the word – that’s Mr. Mom’s”.


 Mr. Mom


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