My, My! The time flies!

So here we are – already in Spring 2014!

Ma-hoosive apologies for the lack of posts in the  recent months. It’s unbelievable how busy you get in the run-up to Christmas- delivering Christmas orders, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, Nativity plays (did I mention DD was Mary?), Christmas dinners, add two kids into the mix and you certainly do get occupied! Then there’s dealing with the January lull. Seriously January is depressing enough- why do people insist on torturing themselves with diets? Have a cup of coffee, a cupcake and a good old natter – much better for the soul I say!

February lent an unexpected but fortuitous delight. My first article as Mr. Mom’s and what’s more- my first recipe IN PRINT! Many thanks to Jennifer Mason and the team at Resident’s Journal. You can find the article on my other recent post here “Mr. Mom’s in Print”.

And so here we are in March and Spring is upon us. It’s a season of new beginnings and that includes here in Mr. Mom’s kitchen. I’ve been working on some new flavours including “Caramel Peanut” (already proving popular) and “Tea & Biscuit” to name a few. Also coming in to fresh bloom are my delightful Cupcake Bouquet baskets. Why not have a look at my other page for some more details and beautiful images?

I’m extremely delighted to say that Mr. Mom’s will be providing cupcakes as part of the refreshments at the upcoming Enterprise Nation “Food Exchange” Event to be held at The Bakery on March 26th 2014 . This is a massive coup for Mr. Mom’s, giving me some fantastic exposure and (fingers crossed) will lead to some terrific opportunities in the future. Many thanks to Lorna and Emma for the opportunity.

By the by I shall crack on and the kitchen shall be a busy place indeed! Now…where did I leave that coffee?…

In the meantime, “Remember Mom’s the word- that’s Mr. Mom’s!”

Mr. Mom


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