Seeing in Black and White

Very exciting times here in Mr. Mom’s Kitchen! The past week has seen me appearing in black and white. Well – when I say “me” I mean a recipe from my Kitchen and the first of my pieces writing as a baking-obsessed, cake-devouring dad. Kindly the team over at Toast on-line magazine gave me the chance to get the word about Mr. Mom’s out there.

You may not have been able to get your hands on one of my Father’s Day inspired cupcakes but if you hop on over to Toast magazine you can find the recipe for the most popular flavour “Pretzel & Beer”. And seeing as Father’s Day has been and gone, you can now give them to anyone else you please (or you can just keep them for yourself!). It just goes to show that a cupcake is for life- not just Father’s Day.

I also had the opportunity to “voice” my opinion on what I thought about men and baking- in specific cupcakes. My article “Why Men Should Bake Cupcakes” discusses amongst other things men and women in the kitchen; cupcakes and working dads.

I have to admit to been bitten by the writing bug so hopefully it may not be the last of me in black and white. Who knows?

Also in other news I’m working on some particularly delicious new summery flavours and maybe one or two other things!

In the meantime, “Remember Mom’s the word- that’s Mr. Mom’s!”

Mr. Mom



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